Classic stripes
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Classic Three stripes

Extra Point Dicey Socks with Olivia Wardlow Extra Point Dicey Socks with Olivia Wardlow


Let's have fun with the wild bunch
Extra Point Green Stripe Socks Extra Point Green Stripe Socks

Cotton = hypoallergenic + odor resistant

Socks Made with American Cotton
Extra Point Custom Socks, Made in USA, Private label socks for apparel brands and businesses made with American grown cotton. High quality cotton socks with stripes.

EPP #1: PAR KER Made

Home Gift Collection by Parker Heath

The Classic Three Stripes

Made in USA with American Cotton
We like our cotton
7 Cotton Facts That Will Make You Buy American

You've heard the saying, "buy American?" Well we all want to feel good about our products and one way is by choosing socks made from American-grown cotton. For those who are looking for more information on this topic here are 7 reasons why you should also buy these types of goods as well

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There are a million socks out there...

Deeply rooted in our obsessions, we are a community of the unexpected. Refusing to be defined or confined, we forge our own paths along the scenic route. Extra Point’s products are a symbol of who we are: timeless small-batch originals, fusing craftsmanship, simplicity, and functionality. And made in the USA from yarn to finish.

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American cotton delivered with honesty, authenticity, craftsmanship, and market sensitivity.
This is why we build our products in America