Sustainable Business Practices

By making our clothing entirely in the USA from seed to stitch, Extra Point is creating a better way to produce authentic products for you. By using the sustainability model we address pillars of sustainability through our products. 

Sustainable business practices:

We are supporting our local farming, spinning, and milling, and knitting. Along with logistics. Through our USA-based supply chain, we can ensure all our workers are paid fair wages, work happens only in legally binding safe work environments and resources are kept within our communities

We adhere to some of the strictest chemical use and disposal regulations in the world for farming and manufacturing in the USA.Keeping it out of the landfill and putting it back into the customer's pocket. We strive to keep transportation and fuel costs low.

We are supporting our domestic sewing community and building diverse and satisfying jobs that encourage human productive creativity in safe spaces.

Protect us from using sweatshops, Covered by USA laws and regulations that protect diverse groups of people.

At Extra Point we believe in how we make our products a priority. We work to move our products down the supply chain in a way that has an equal opportunity for all people regardless of Race, Gender, or Ability by setting up systems that help us meet our potential and have empowering relationships with other people.

We want you to love your product as much as we do, so we will always put out the best we can.

We believe that authenticity is something you feel and not just see. We go to great lengths to ensure everything we produce has authenticity and only use the best materials and techniques available.

We believe in the responsibility we have towards one another and our environment. We will do everything we can to empower ourselves and others while protecting the earth for future generations.

    The Extra Point clothing brand is an American brand that doesn't just want to make you look good but feel good too. We take the environment and social responsibility seriously and know that it's just as important as ensuring our products are of the highest quality.

    Every product we sell has been made in the USA by either us or a trusted partner. This is why we take extra care in not only designing our clothing but where they are made and who makes them.

    We care about the small things in life because every step you take has got to be better than the last.