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We are so excited to introduce to our first EPP, Parker Heath! Parker embodies our core values as an extreme athlete, entrepreneur, and artist. It has been a pleasure to a part of Parker’s vision for his brand & experience his dedication to quality. 

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Parker, you’re an accomplished BMX Athlete, a signed agency model and a talented artist. How did you get into BMX riding and what is PAR KER Made?

I got into riding BMX when I was about 7 years old. My dad took me to see the "Tony Hawk Boom Boom Huck Jam tour”, that came to town in San Diego. I originally went because I was interested in skateboarding, and all things action-packed in extreme sports. But I walked out of there fully in love with BMX freestyle, as it was the first time I had seen anything like it! From there my parents were super supportive. They got me a proper bike and I started out racing to learn control, switched over to freestyle at the local park, and haven’t stopped pedaling ever since! — PAR KER made is a way to share & merchandise my passion for create abstract art. My company started in 2021 as a lifestyle brand that focuses on hand-crafting functional abstract art for home & living. Our mission is to provide unique products for our customers that bring excitement & joy to their experience of using abstract art, and in turn, hop they find inspiration to embrace their own self-expression.

What made you think to translate your work into textiles?

It honestly kind of happened as a happy random accident haha! I saw something similar on social media, and thought it would be cool to have one of my paintings blown up into a super unique, one-of-akind blanket that I could take to the beach, style my room, etc. After I made the first one and saw how high quality it was and how the weaving process creates a whole different narrative and interaction for the art, I felt like I had something special. Motivated to breakdown boundaries and traditions of how we experience abstract art, or “high art”, I loved the fact that the painting was brought to life in a soft, textured object that you can touch, squeeze, smell, and wrap yourself in. It creates a completely different, immersive experience for people to view my art from.


I gain inspiration from lots of places! Fellow artists, social media, art history, and many of the movements that happened in the 20th century. Although, I think my lifestyle as a BMX rider in Southern California, and one whose traveled the world, I’ve always taken insight from the various landscapes I’m surrounded by. I think these natural and man made landscapes create shapes, forms, and colors that inspire me most.

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Redstripe Socks
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What is your typical day or week like?

Typical day usually consists of finding a balance of managing any sort of modeling work/projects I have coming up, as well as managing everything with PAR KER made (which keeps me most busy) all while trying to find time to squeeze in a riding session in the late afternoon/evening. Prepping for my inperson markets, where I sell my products the most & fulfilling any online orders/projects I have going is what I work on the most with PAR KER made.

What is the favorite part of the artistic process?

My favorite part has to be the spontaneous moments and the moments of chance. Learning to go with the flow and making things work within the best of your limits is such a valuable thing I practice in my processes.

How do you balance the world of BMX with your work as an artist?

Lots of coffee, writing things down, and time management! hahah. It can be quite the juggle at times, and often mentally exhausting, but creating little habits that allow me to maximize my time best, and not getting distracted is the best way to find balance. I really like having a physical dayplanner where I can map things out throughout the day and week, and physically scratch them out. It helps keeps things organized and not get distracted and overwhelmed.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I don’t know if I’d really have much else to say.. I’m pretty proud of who I am right now, and where I’ve come from.. I’d stay just keep on going!

What do you think when you paint? 

I don’t think much! hahah which is the best part! Getting to zone out and worry about nothing else beside the music that’s playing and the small problems/solutions i’m dealing with on the canvas or paper with my brush, is the only thing I’m focusing on. I try to feel more than think. Color & Form can tug on your emotions and feelings in so many various ways, and painting is a great experience of that.

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Favorite music? 

Ahhh so hard to pick! I really have an old soul… So I definitely listen to a mix of genres from decades ago.. Marty Robbins, Jimi Hendrix, The Smiths, Nirvana.. But! as of lately, I’ve been super into house & Disco music. Getting in that dance vibe really gets my production levels up, hahaha.

What is the future for PAR KER Made? Any exciting projects you’re working on that you’d like share?

I think the future for PAR KER made is bright, and has so much room for growth! I attended NY Now in August for the first time. It was a huge success. ! I'm working to outfit my brand as best as possible, I’m also working on creating new designs and more products! Am looking to extend the Home Decor side of things with products like pillows & bath towels, as well as extending the accessory products like new sock designs, stone coasters, and tote bags.

Photos: @umm.erica

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