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For every athletic step you take

Our 100% American cotton socks have got your feet covered



With a million socks out there, why us?

Because we craft our classic American custom athletic socks with simplicity, functionality, and comfort top-of-mind. Our uniqueness formula represents the difference that’ll make a world of difference to the way you walk, run, and move through life. 

Who likes Extra Point the most? No one knows how to work harder than the people who are willing to put in a little sweat equity.
It takes someone with guts, creativity and passion- they're not afraid of getting their hands dirty or taking risks if needed- like us. We strive to deliver small-batch originals that meet the needs of those who demand nothing less than yarn-to-finish USA-made, ultra sock luxury. Oh yes, and active cushioning beyond anyone’s expectations.

About Us

A sock is a sock, is a… 

No! With Extra Point, there’s so much more to it.

As a start, it’s a big deal that every custom pair of athletic socks we manufacture is from the finest 100% pure American cotton. Why? Because it’s the perfect sock fabric - light years ahead of polyester and anything else around. Then, odor - as you know - is a biggie when it comes to feet. Our athletic socks are odor-resistant, environmentally sustainable, and hypoallergenic rolled into one. Also, the cotton industry supports American farmers and creates jobs right here in the USA. Any negatives? Zero. 

But that’s only half of the Extra Point story. Our designs are nothing short of dazzling! We can customize them specifically to your style, fonts, colors, logo, tagline - and bulk-ship anywhere you want it, always on time. We make our athletic socks to fit your flexible lifestyle from the office to the gym, attending events, and back home again. Even competitors admire our striped socks line-up. 

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Our customers’ few words speak louder than a thousand from us

“Extra Point was a pleasure to deal with. Aside from their unique styles, the service is prompt, and customer support is second to none. If you want a corporate gift to remember, you can’t be in better hands.” Jennifer P - PR VP - Ajax Corp.”

“For me, it was love at first sight, a range of custom athletic socks for the ages. When it came to customizing my order with our signature logo and colors, Extra Point is tops. I can’t recommend them more highly.” Jack S - NYC


Striped socks were the perfect gift for my son at college. He’s highly active, so comfort is vital, but style is still number one. Ezra Point’s cotton socks were great on both counts.” Jeremy L - Miami

You've heard the saying, "buy American?" Well we all want to feel good about our products and one way is by choosing socks made from American-grown cotton. For those who are looking for more information on this topic here are 7 reasons why you should also buy American cotton.

1. American cotton is grown, harvested, and processed with care to make it softer and stronger

It's always better for the environment when you can buy locally made products! But it’s also great quality, whether you're buying American-grown cotton socks or anything else.

When it comes to our high-quality men’s dress socks, they are made right here in the USA with 100% US grown Cotton that is softer and stronger than other standard cottons. Our business depends on making sure your new pair of socks will stand up to some tough wear and tear.

Many of our customers order more than one pair because they are so satisfied with the quality! You can see why American cotton is something that’s worth supporting in your sock shopping, too.

Help grow the domestic agriculture by choosing US-grown cotton

2. Buying American-grown cotton helps keep our money at home as opposed to overseas.

When we buy products made from American-grown cotton, it supports our local economy and keeps jobs here in the US.

As a company that is dedicated to making primo socks for men that keep you comfortable all day long, we take pride in knowing that every pair of high-quality crew sock has been carefully designed all in the USA!

When you purchase American cotton socks to wear with your business attire or in the court, it's important that you know the money spent goes towards supporting businesses right in our own backyard! Thanks for choosing to buy from an American owned company dedicated to providing high-quality socks

3. Helps us avoid unfair trade practices that contribute to overseas sweatshop labor and child exploitation.

When you buy American-grown cotton socks, it helps ensure that no unfair labor practices were used to make the product.

It is a little known fact that many of your favorite clothing items are made in sweatshops overseas. This means low wages and dangerous working conditions for people who have been tricked or coerced into making these products! Unfortunately this is one of the reasons why you can find so many cheap pants and shirts at your local store.

It’s important to support companies that are making American-grown socks with care, because it ensures you don’t end up supporting these unfair trade practices.

Our company has never used sweatshops or exploited child labor in any way. We are dedicated to producing high-quality socks that come from a sustainable work environment!

4. American cotton is grown with fewer chemicals than other countries' cotton

American-grown cotton uses less water, pesticides, and herbicides to produce quality socks.

When you choose American-grown cotton products like our men's crew socks or any of the many others made by us here in the USA, it means that your purchases are supporting sustainable practices.

We use less water, pesticides, and herbicides when it comes to growing our cotton in the USA.

Because we care about how your feet feel all day long, we always want to ensure that you’re wearing socks made from 100% American-grown cotton! This means not only will they be softer and stronger than other types of cotton, but also that they are better for your health.

Socks made from American-grown cotton help promote sustainable practices in the farming industry. Buy some today to feel good about supporting our local economy.

Cotton has unmatched versatility, reliability, and comfort.

5. USA made products have much better quality control than products made overseas

When you buy American-grown cotton socks, it means that there are more people involved in making sure that the product is high-quality.

American companies have stricter standards when it comes to producing their goods because they want them all to be up to par with international expectations. This ensures every sock is made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

When you buy socks from us, it means that as many people as possible were involved in making sure your new pair of American-grown cotton socks will be comfortable and durable for years to come! You’ll never have to worry about our crew socks wearing out—they are built tough to keep you dry and comfortable all day long.

You’ll find that our cotton socks are made with just as much attention to detail as any other pair of high-quality crew socks out there! We believe in quality over quantity and only want the best for your feet. That's why we always make sure each sock is up to our high standards before it’s sent out.

It is more expensive to produce goods in the USA than overseas, but we think that the fine quality of our American-grown socks makes them worth every penny!

6. Cotton is the only textile fiber that has its very own plant, which is why it can't be successfully grown outside of America's Southern state borders.

When you buy American socks, it’s important to know why they are so special!

It may seem like cotton is a plant that can be grown anywhere in the world, but this simply isn't true. In fact there's only one place on earth where 100% of all commercial quality cotton plants grow and thrive: America's Southern state borders.

That’s why it is so important to buy high-quality American cotton socks, because the only way we can ensure that our local economy stays strong and thriving is if you continue buying these products! Buy an extra pair or two for your family members today; just think of all the money you are saving by supporting this American-grown cotton business.

There’s no reason to wait when you can buy American socks today and help support our local economy, so don't delay.

7. American cotton gives us pride in what we are wearing

When you buy American-grown cotton socks, it means that there are more people involved in making sure that the product is high-quality.

American companies have stricter standards when it comes to producing their goods because they want them all to be up to par with international expectations. This ensures every sock is made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Wearing something that was made in America makes us proud to know that other people are involved in making sure our socks are high-quality.

Cotton is one of America's biggest exports and has been for quite some time now. When you buy an extra pair or two of American socks, you're supporting both our local economy and the farming industry as a whole.

We believe that buying USA-made products is just one way to help give back to those who have served this country so well—and your feet will be thanking you for it! So pick up an extra pair or two of these classic crew style sock.