White w/ green & gold stripes
White w/ green & gold stripes


White w/ green & gold stripes

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The White w/ green & gold stripes sock are great for people who don't follow a specific team but want to support their city. These stripes are bright and vibrant and will look well with any white pair of shoes.

A few teams like the Green Bay Packers and the Sonics use green and gold in their uniforms so these socks would work great with those.

The Extra Point organic American cotton socks are the perfect accessory for your feet. These high-quality crew-length socks come in a multitude of colors and different styles. They will keep your feet fresh all day with their durable, breathable cotton.

This familiar but stylish sock offers daily comfort to those on their feet all day. These socks are expertly crafted around comfort and are carefully designed with inspiring stripes or non-stripes for any occasion.

Customize your look by adding them to your outfit; take them out casual with your favorite sneakers, or add some flair at the office.

Sock size:  S/M (9-11) L/XL (10-13)
Men's Shoe size 6-8 9-12
Women's Shoe size 7-10 10-13
EURO 37-41 42-46
CM 23-26 26-29

73% Cotton
15% Polyester
9% Nylon
2% Rubber
1% Spandex